I have a lot of articles this week and not a lot of time, so I apologize in advance for the minimal commentary.

  • Kirk Hamilton of Kotaku writes about the lightness he felt after losing a whole bunch of game saves. I wondered how one accumulates game saves over so many years, but then I remembered that Hamilton is a games journalist. Games journalists really have different concerns than regular gamers, and sometimes I think they forget that.
  • This one’s from earlier this year, but it’s an excellent read. Tamerlane of Wave Motion Cannon writes an explanation of differing approaches to animation in Japan versus the West. It provides a lot of insight into why characters not only look different in anime as compared to Western animation, but also move differently.
  • To mark the one-year anniversary of Undertale’s release, the game’s creator Toby Fox writes a retrospective about it and its fandom.
  • Writing for Saint Heron, Solange Knowles writes about the racism she and her family experienced as attendees of a Kraftwerk concert. It’s a powerful read. (To be clear, I called it “racism”; she didn’t.)
  • Finally, Niero Gonzalez of Destructoid writes about the Japanese VR porn game Honey Select and how different attitudes towards sexual content in the West will influence the reaction to the game. (Warning: Slightly NSFW)

That’s all for now. Ciao.