You’re a butt. Because you’re a butt, you should read these articles.

  • You may have heard that game “developer” Digital Homicide is suing 100 anonymous Steam users for harassment and defamation of character. On Kotaku’s Steamed blog, Nathan Grayson argues that Valve’s utter lack of quality control is to blame for the situation. I’m inclined to agree, but let’s not forget that Digital Homicide is ultimately responsible for their actions.
  • You may have also heard that Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 is prone to, well, exploding. Yoolim Lee and Min Jeong Lee of Bloomberg dive into what caused this fiasco. It turns out that they rushed the product to market in order to compete with what they perceived to be an uninspiring new iPhone. Don’t rush quality control, folks!
  • Finally, Alex Wiltshire of Rock Paper Shotgun talks to Andy Buck of Ubisoft about the procedural animation techniques used in the publisher’s fumblecore climbing simulators, Grow Home and Grow Up. (Both are excellent, by the way.)

That’s all for today. Later, taters!