• Bullets in the intro? Whose idea was that?

It was mine.

  • We’re fucked.

Anyway, let’s talk about anime and video games and shit.

  • Two pieces from Anime News Network this week. The first is an editorial by Jacob Chapman explaining why Keijo!!!!!!!! (yes, it has eight exclamation marks), a show about girls who wrestle in swimsuits using their breasts and buttocks, doesn’t feel trashy. Having watched the first six episodes of the dub myself, I can say that the show mostly treats its characters’ body parts as body parts, not as sex objects. The show is bizarrely unsexy, but in a good way. The second piece is an interview by Justin Sevakis with director Keiichi Hara about his recent film, Miss Hokusai. It provides a lot of insight into how Hara tried to translate the source material to the screen. I didn’t care much for the film myself, but it’s always nice to get that kind of information.
  • Heather Alexandra of Kotaku writes about the difficulties of video game preservation and archival. I know I bang this drum a lot, but I’ll keep linking to articles like these until publishers take it upon themselves to preserve their own history or stop throwing up legal hurdles against archivists.
  • Finally, Andy Kelly of PC Gamer writes about toilets in video games. I have a mild obsession with video game toilets. I’ve even developed something I call Merve’s Toilet Test: every time I play a game, I check to see if I can flush the in-game toilets. If I can, then the game passes the test!

That’s all for now. Thanks for reading!

  • Bullets in the outro? The end is nigh.