After a hiatus, What I’ve Been Reading is back to ruin your day.

  • Dear lord, what the fuck is this? Seriously, who designs this shit? Gaming PCs and laptops continue to be ugly as fuck, loaded with gaudy LEDs and other shit that nobody asked for. The major console manufacturers have recognized the benefits of sleek industrial design. (Xbones and PS4s look pretty nice, in my opinion.) Why haven’t the makers of PC gaming hardware followed suit? (From Vlad Savov of The Verge)
  • In an interview with Jeff Wise of New York Magazine, Slate’s David Auerbach explains how the “outrage clickbait” model of new media has failed. In my opinion, not a moment too soon. Outrage clickbait has contributed to increased political polarization and hostility, and it’s part of the reason America ended up with a sentient pile of feces set to occupy the White House in a few days.
  • The games media tend to focus on what’s enjoyable for adults to play, but it’s important to remember that kids play loads of video games too. While the Nintendo Wii U might have been disappointing from an adult perspective, as Luke Plunkett of Kotaku explains, it was hella enjoyable for kids.
  • And finally, a video: Jim Sterling of the Jimquisition complains about empty open-world sandboxes. I share many of his sentiments. I can’t imagine forcing myself to play another boring open-world action-adventure game with fucking crafting elements.

That does it for this week. See you soon!