This week, What I’ve Been Reading is going international! Sort of. You’ll see what I mean after the jump.

  • Sohini Chattopadhyay of Livemint writes about how certain names in Bollywood films evoke a kind of sophisticated, cosmopolitan class. It’s an interesting piece that covers a topic I didn’t think much about before I read it.
  • Awesome Games Done Quick, the annual charity speedrunning marathon, concluded a week ago. Unfortunately, as the marathon has grown, it has started accumulating its share of controversies. Heather Alexandra of Kotaku explains. I’m surprised she didn’t mention the awful comment made during the Super Metroid race, which threatened to end the marathon on a sour note. Luckily, the Undertale run that ended the marathon was lovely.
  • Writing for the New York Times, celebrity chef Eddie Huang discusses racist comments made by Steve Harvey. When will Steve Harvey stop being a thing?

That’s all for now. We visited India, China (sort of), and Japan. Wasn’t that international?