It’s been a while since we’ve done one of these. So let’s do one of these. Read on for pieces about Gamestop, Hong Kong car repair, and -sigh- Donald Trump.

  • You may have heard of Gamestop’s Cycle of Life (COL) strategy, which emphasizes getting customers to trade in their used games to buy more used games from them. Gamestop has started pushing COL more aggressively recently, and many Gamestop employees have started to fear for their jobs because of the difficulty of meeting COL quotas. Jason Schreier of Kotaku has collected some of their stories. My take? COL can get fucked.
  • David Tracy of Gizmodo has a photo essay about car repair in Hong Kong, where real estate is at such a premium that many mechanics don’t repair vehicles in their tiny shops but on the streets next to them.
  • John Walker of Rock Paper Shotgun wants Valve’s Steam service to stop relying so much on automation. Rather than employing humans to curate Steam, Valve has decided to focus their attention on tweaking the service’s recommendation algorithms. However, such algorithms cannot substitute for human curation of the service. That doesn’t necessitate removing bad games, but removing broken games (i.e. games that won’t launch), asset flips, and copyright infringement should be a priority. Valve has bucketloads of cash; they can afford to pay a dozen people to do this.
  • Japanese interpreters are having difficulty translating Donald Trump’s remarks into Japanese. As Tomohiro Osaki of The Japan Times explains, it’s not as if they don’t generally understand him (though that can be an issue too); the problem is how exactly they should translate his incoherence into Japanese. Should they sanitize his words to make them more coherent in Japanese, or should they attempt to translate him exactly as he sounds? I lean towards the latter, if only because everyone should understand just how incoherent President Dipshit von Derpacleese is.
  • Finally, writing for Kotaku, Nico Deyo explains how Overwatch character D.Va has become a feminist symbol in South Korea. Nerf this, misogynists!

Whew, that was entertaining, wasn’t it? More articles in a couple of weeks, I promise. (Or not. I tend to break promises.)