It’s been nearly a month since the last one of these. So let’s dive back in and see what we’ve missed, shall we?

  • It seems like every other day some crotchety old dude with a column in a shitty newspaper is accusing millennials of killing off yet another industry. Kari Paul of MarketWatch has a roundup of all the things that millennials have been accused of killing. My favourite? Diamonds. Those useless lumps of carbon can’t die off soon enough.
  • Most wolves are adapted to life on land. But there’s a population of sea wolves that lives off the coast of British Columbia,  feeding off marine life. Melissa Breyer of Treehugger explains.
  • How many times have your friends recommended you a new TV show with the caveat that “it gets better after a few episodes, I promise!”? Alan Sepinwall of Uproxx wonders whether viewers still have time to wait for TV shows to get good in the era of Peak TV. With so many viewing options (not to mention the plethora of online content!) I’m more inclined than ever before to drop something that doesn’t immediately appeal to me.
  • Independent video game stores have all but been squeezed out by Gamestop in the United States. Matt Leone of Polygon writes about some of the few that have survived and the challenges they face. Unfortunately, I don’t live near any independent game stores, or I’d be inclined to support them.

Well, that was a fun ride, wasn’t it? I’ll see you next month with more linky goodness!