I guess we have to talk about guns. -sigh-

  • We begin with several thinkpieces about the Parkland, Florida mass shooting. First up, Sarah Heffernan of Wired explains how the Parkland survivors used the Internet to spread their message.
  • Thirdly, writing for The Atlantic, Alia Wong explores how the Parkland survivors’ ability to spread their message is tied to their relative affluence. While we absolutely should listen to these courageous students (and it’s shameful that some politicians have chosen to plug their ears), it’s important to remember that gun violence plagues less affluent communities too, and gun regulations should take their experiences into account as well.
  • Okay, enough about guns. Let’s move on to talking about how Kotaku writer Kirk Hamilton can’t keep his computer asleep at night. I’ve experienced this problem as well. Usually a string of reboots or a software update magically fixes it.
  • Writing for Big Think, Philip Perry describes behavioural research pointing towards the idea that human language and bird song share a common neural circuitry. It may be the case that sufficiently advanced animals are basically hardwired for language. Neato!
  • Finally, we conclude with an old piece by Porchia Moore for the Incluseum. She writes about the pitfalls of diversity initiatives at museums that aren’t part of a broader push to have more inclusive regular exhibits, not just special events.

That was heavy. Go do something light.