This week, we’re taking on porn games, Twitter moderation, and North Korea. Well, we’re not fighting them. We’re discussing them. You know what I mean. Jeez.

  • Luke Winkie of Kotaku writes about how Patreon has made it possible for pornographic video game developers to make a living. These games can’t find a home on Steam or any of the major consoles, because no major brand wants to be associated with porn. That makes porn game developers’ commercial options limited. Though I have little interest in playing porn games, I’m glad the market exists for those who want them.
  • Writing for Reason, Mike Godwin (yes, he of Godwin’s Law fame) explains why moderating Twitter is difficult and bound to be inconsistent. Summary: there’s always a human element to moderation, and we don’t have good enough A.I. yet. As always, I think the solution is to give users more tools to curate their experiences.
  • Doug Bock Clark of GQ has another longread about North Korea, this time about Otto Warmbier, the American student who went there as a tourist but ended up incarcerated and was returned to his parents months later in a vegetative state. It’s a fascinating look at what happens behind the scenes of a geopolitical incident.
  • And finally, we conclude with a video essay by Gigguk on the “moe revolution” in anime over the past 15 years or so. He gives Kyoto Animation a lot of credit for its role in the revolution, and while I can’t confirm the claim’s veracity, to the extent that it’s true, it means that one of the few anime studios staffed mostly by women is indirectly responsible for igniting the trend of “waifu wars” in male anime fandom. Make of that what you will.

That’s all for now. See you next week, losers!