Minimal commentary this week. I’ve got shit to do.

  • Gita Jackson of Kotaku looks at the ways in which our online discourse platforms are broken. She provides no remedies, but she does identify the cultures that formed around LiveJournal and Something Awful as sources of the problem, which is a surprisingly brave stance, since it would probably put her in Weird Twitter’s circular firing squad. (The Internet is a very stupid place sometimes.)
  • Another piece from Kotaku: Nathan Grayson explains how games with sexual content remain in limbo on Steam. My stance is that while Valve is free to sell whatever it wants to sell, it can’t claim to be taking a principled stand on the content it peddles when indie games that have mildly lewd content are banned, while AAA games with far worse content remain.
  • Finally, also writing for The Atlantic, Benjamin Schmidt writes about the decline of enrollment in humanities programs in American universities. As someone whose educational background is very much not in the humanities, I don’t really know to feel about this, but I do think that it’ll be concerning if it leads to the collapse of entire fields of study.

That’s all for now. See ya later, losers!