I’ve got some hot links for you this week. Not sausage links. Links to thinkpieces and articles and the like. I’m sure I’ve made the sausage link joke before, but such is life. Read on for some thoughts on the Avro Arrow, outsider art, and squirting in pornography. But don’t worry, it’s all safe for work. Unless you’ve got a hard-on for cancelled airplanes. You don’t, do you? Because that would make you a filthy pervert.

  • Writing for The Ottawa Citizen, political science professor Andrew Richter takes a look at how the Avro Arrow, a made-in-Canada fighter jet cancelled by the Diefenbaker government sixty years ago, still resonates in Canadian minds. It remains a major part of our history books, for instance.
  • Over at The Atlantic, Taylor Lorenz writes about parents who post about their children online without their express consent. Moreover, as the article points out, it’s not just parents: photos and other data make it online even via more official sources, such as scholastic events. For kids trying to define their online identities, this can be a huge burden. I’m not a parent, but I do have some parental advice: don’t publicly post about your kid without their permission; vent to your cousins on WhatsApp instead.
  • Anthony John Agnello of The Escapist has an interesting piece likening the Kingdom Hearts series of video games to “outsider art,” in that it seems to exist outside the established conventions of its genre. I don’t know if I’d call it “outsider art” – convoluted stories are a JRPG staple, and the games’ hack-and-slash mechanics are fairly pedestrian – but I think Agnello is on to something. Kingdom Hearts has the feeling of someone’s toybox crossover fanfic come to life, and Sora comes across as a Gary Stu OC. (OC means “original character,” for those of you not versed in fanfiction lingo.) It still boggles my mind that Disney greenlit this series, but since it basically prints money, I’m sure they’re content to just let Square Enix do their thing.
  • Tracy Clark-Flory of Jezebel writes about how squirting in pornography is done. As you probably expected, performers ingest a lot of fluids before their scenes; they sometimes even risk overhydration.
  • Finally, this video has probably already made the rounds, but I’m sharing it anyway, because I think it’s pretty insightful. YouTuber hbomberguy has a video essay about “woke” brands and how companies exploit progressivism for profit. Remember: brands are not your friends, and talk is cheap.

That’s all for today. Come back in a couple of weeks for more articles, you plane-fucking pervert.