What’s up, nerds? Today we’re taking a break from all the coronavirus discussion that’s occupying the Internet to talk about techwear, 30 Rock, and theme parks. Let’s get into it, shall we?

  • This is kinda bordering on advertorial, but I thought it was an interesting look at how artists and directors determine video game characters’ sartorial choices, so I’m sharing it nonetheless. Writing for Highsnobiety, Luke Plunkett explains how techwear is depicted in Death Stranding.
  • This was originally supposed to go up just after Leap Day, but I didn’t have enough articles accumulated to make it worth it, so you’re getting it a month late. I think it’s a good read regardless. Anyway, Devon Ivie of Vulture provides us with an oral history of 30 Rock‘s Leap Day episode.
  • Finally, Game Maker’s Tool Kit, hosted by Mark Brown, does an episode on Prey‘s GLOO Cannon. Prey is an excellent game, and the GLOO Cannon is just one example of how the immersive sim allows you to use its tools to complete objectives in interesting ways.

That’s all for now. I’ll be back in April, probably with a bunch of COVID-19-related articles, since that’s all we’re talking about these days.