What I’ve Been Reading: June 26, 2022

To close out June, this week we’re talking about standards & practices, how the wider public perceives abuse, and tennis.

  • First, a Tweet chain with a video embedded in it: Alex Hirsch, creator of Disney Channel’s Gravity Falls, talks about the notes he received from Disney’s standards & practices division. Some of them are ridiculous!
  • I’m not going to delve into the truth value of any of the claims contained in this article, because I haven’t followed the Depp-Heard trial at all, but here’s a powerful read by Rayne Fisher-Quann of Internet Princess about how the wider public perceives the abuse of women. (Needless to say, a content warning applies.)
  • Now for the first of two pieces about tennis. The first is by Hugh Clarke of A Thread of Order. He writes about recent comments by former tennis pro Nikolay Davydenko about the technical deficiencies and tactical errors of the sport’s “next gen.” Davydenko is right to point that these players tend not to be strong off both wings, and their more deliberate game makes it hard to use short swings to build aggression and advance up the court. I’d also point out that very few of the next gen have strong net game.

That’s all for today. See you in July, most likely.

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