Things I’m Most Looking Forward to in 2020

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I know we’re already a few weeks into 2020, but I haven’t had time to put this up until now. Such is life! In any case, here’s the pop culture I’m anticipating in 2020. More

What I’ve Been Reading: November 17th, 2019

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This is a weird What I’ve Been Reading that contains articles I’ve been compiling over the past month, so I don’t exactly remember why I compiled them. Let’s find out together, shall we? More

What I’ve Been Reading: June 30, 2019

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You thought I’d let the entire month of June pass without a single blog post? You fool. You absolute God damn fool. More

What I’ve Been Reading: March 31, 2019

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A short one this week with minimal commentary. More

Things I’m Most Looking Forward to in 2019

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I probably should have put this up a couple of weeks ago, but I’ve been busy (mostly wallowing in self-pity as I am wont to do). So here’s what I’m most looking forward to in 2019! More

The Ten Biggest Pop Culture Disappointments of 2018

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As I do every year (with increasing delay, apparently), I’m running down the biggest disappointments in pop culture that the previous year brought us. Some were offensive, some screwed over customers, and some just plain sucked. Read on to find out more about 2018: The Year in Shit. More

What I’ve Been Reading: December 16, 2018

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It’s been a while since we’ve done this. So let’s do this. Read on for articles about Tumblr, streaming, and wombat poop. More

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