Pushing Daisies Rewatch, S2E13, Kerplunk

“Prepare to be amazed! There has not been this much talent around a body of water since Moses played the Red Sea.”
– Chuck, about the Aquacade

Pushing Daisies, at its core, has always been a show about love. About what it makes us do. About how it makes us feel. About how it worms its way into every facet of our lives. But it’s not all sunshine and rainbows. Pushing Daisies is just as committed to examining the darker side of love as it to examining its positive side. Lily’s affair with Charles Charles represents that darker side, and its consequences are still being felt today. On the bright side, it brought Charlotte into Lily and Vivian’s lives; on the other hand, Lily has wrestled with the secret of her daughter’s parentage for thirty years, succumbing to self-loathing and alcoholism in the process.

The previous episode left open the question of whether or not love was worth it. Does the good outweigh the bad? “Kerplunk” gives a fairly definitive answer to that question. Continue reading “Pushing Daisies Rewatch, S2E13, Kerplunk”

Pushing Daisies Rewatch, S2E12, Water & Power

“That year, Young Emerson learned his most important lesson: love makes you stupid.”
– The Narrator

Pushing Daisies is in large part a series about love. The characters are all driven by love for each other, even when they disagree with one another. For that reason, it’s strange for an episode like “Water & Power” to ask whether or not love is worth it. It’s as if the episode is questioning the very foundation of the series. Continue reading “Pushing Daisies Rewatch, S2E12, Water & Power”

Pushing Daisies Rewatch, S2E11, Window Dressed to Kill

“You know, now that I’m out of dead-waking and back to just pie-baking and no longer touching dead fruit, I can eat my own pie.”
– Ned

Ned is adjusting to life as a normal person who doesn’t use his superpowers. Meanwhile, Olive is wrestling with her feelings for Ned once again, after Ned’s admission that he could have imagined being with her. These two character journeys are set to collide, and the result might not be pleasant. Continue reading “Pushing Daisies Rewatch, S2E11, Window Dressed to Kill”

Pushing Daisies Rewatch, S2E10, The Norwegians

“Young Ned realized that his father was not going to fight his battles for him, for in jail – as in life – he needed to take responsibility for his actions.”
– The Narrator

“The Norwegians” is about taking responsibility for one’s actions. Thus far, Ned, Chuck, and Emerson haven’t faced much in the way of consequences for Dwight Dixon’s death. But that might change now that Charles Charles has left and a crack team of Norwegian PIs is looking into Dwight’s disappearance. Continue reading “Pushing Daisies Rewatch, S2E10, The Norwegians”

Pushing Daisies Rewatch, S2E09, The Legend of Merle McQuoddy

Chuck: We need to talk.
Ned: You don’t want to hear what I have to say.

Chuck has always been an idealist. She sees the good in everyone, and her relentless optimism leads her to believe that best-case scenarios are probable outcomes. Part of why she decided to keep her father alive after Ned brought him back to life was because she honestly, truly believed that she could make it work. But realism has never been Chuck’s strong suit, and realistically, there was no reason to believe that Charles Charles would ever want to stay put. Continue reading “Pushing Daisies Rewatch, S2E09, The Legend of Merle McQuoddy”

Pushing Daisies Rewatch, S2E08, Comfort Food

“The longing and homesickness, which filled the school like a plague, was magically lifted with every bite, and the party began.”
– The Narrator, on Young Ned’s pie speakeasy

A lot of decisions that seem like good ideas at the time end up looking like stupid mistakes in retrospect. Take homesick Young Ned’s decision to bake pies at the Longborough School for Boys, for example. At first, it seems like a cute way for him to reconnect with happier times. But soon, other boys follow the scent of pie to the kitchen and join in on the fun. It’s not long before Young Ned is running a full-blown pie speakeasy, complete with dancing and jazz saxophone. Unfortunately, the fun is short-lived; a school administrator promptly shuts down the operation, leaving Young Ned even more homesick than he was before.

Meanwhile, in the present, Chuck is experiencing a similar situation. Keeping her father alive after Ned brought him back from the dead seemed like a good idea at the time. But now, she has to deal with the fallout. Continue reading “Pushing Daisies Rewatch, S2E08, Comfort Food”

Pushing Daisies Rewatch, S2E07, Robbing Hood

“But as long as the benefits outweighed the costs, he also believed an act of charity outweighed the consequences.” – The Narrator, about Young Ned

Ever since the beginning of the series, Ned has struggled with why he uses his powers: Does he use them because he wants to, or out of necessity? And if he’s using his powers because he wants to, is it to help others or for more selfish motives? Regardless of his motivations, Ned’s power has consequences. Young Ned didn’t think much about consequences. He didn’t hesitate to bring Eugene Mulchandani’s pets back to life after a horrific incident involving marbles and shattered enclosures. He knew that reviving the rabbit and the python would result in the death of two other animals, but he didn’t stop to consider how he would interact with Eugene’s pets in the future. After all, he could never touch either of them ever again. All he was thinking about when he reawakened the animals was that he didn’t want to lose Eugene’s friendship. Continue reading “Pushing Daisies Rewatch, S2E07, Robbing Hood”

Pushing Daisies Rewatch, S2E05, Dim Sum Lose Some

“His steamed buns blurred the line between eating and sex.”
– Simone

The fact that Emerson Cod’s office is located in Chinatown was going to play a role in one of Pushing Daisies’ plots sooner or later. “Dim Sum Lose Some” takes the predictable route of making the restaurant below Emerson’s office the location of a murder, but there are unexpected delights along the way. Continue reading “Pushing Daisies Rewatch, S2E05, Dim Sum Lose Some”

Pushing Daisies Rewatch, S2E04, Frescorts

Chuck: I have a new best friend. Isn’t that superb?
The Narrator: The piemaker did not think so, for the more time Chuck spent with her new best friend, the less time she had for him.

Friendship can be a tricky business. For Chuck and Olive, navigating their friendship in the wake of the revelations that have recently taken place – Chuck now knows that Lily is her mother, and Olive now knows that Chuck was adding mood enhancers to the pies she sent her aunts – will be especially difficult. Nonetheless, “Frescorts” sees the two of them making a go of being best friends, much to Ned’s chagrin. Continue reading “Pushing Daisies Rewatch, S2E04, Frescorts”