The 2010-2011 Refrigerator Rants End-of-Season Awards

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With the 2010-2011 television season more or less over and summer TV about to begin or recently having begun, it’s time to take a look back at the best that the past year brought us.

Before we dive in, I have to make one thing clear: I don’t watch most television shows, and I barely watch any cable television. I do watch a lot of television on the whole, but not nearly enough to make a fair assessment of what was truly the “best.” For that reason, the awards will be skewed towards the shows that I watch. So don’t go crying about my failure to include The Good Wife, Mad Men, or Friday Night Lights. I don’t watch those shows. With that mind, let’s get started! More

End-of-Season Report Card: 18 to Life, Season 2

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18 to Life is a charming little show. That’s a diplomatic way of saying that it doesn’t aim high but it doesn’t often disappoint. Season 1 deftly mixed comedy and sweetness, but got stuck in the rut of having too many plots centred around a conflict between Tom and Jessie. Season 2 expanded the show’s horizons a bit. More

Episode Review: 18 to Life, S2E01, One Is the Loneliest Number

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In its first season, 18 to Life was an imperfect sitcom. More often than not, it was absolutely hilarious. But it was also formulaic: in almost every episode, Jessie and Tom would have some sort of communication breakdown (sometimes small, sometimes large) that would result in a comic misunderstanding to drive the episode’s A-plot. Unfortunately, the season 2 premiere followed the same formula. However, the episode’s ending gave me hope that the show’s writers might be willing to switch it up from here on in. More

Why You Should Watch 18 to Life


Canadian TV gets no love. Just read this TV Squad article about how Canadian television sucks. The article makes a lot of good points. (Does anyone remember Getting Along Famously?) But sometimes, a charming little show comes along and manages to break the Canadian curse. 18 to Life is about two childhood sweethearts, Tom (played by Michael Seater) and Jessie (played by Stacey Farber) who decide to get married at age 18, much to the dismay of their parents. Hilarity ensues. Read on for 10 good reasons to watch the show. More

Upcoming Stuff

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This blog arose out of boredom. Since my episodes of boredom are relatively long, I have plans for a lot of upcoming posts:

  • I’ll continue to post 5 Awesome Songs every now and then. That will probably happen more than once a week.
  • I’ll post episode reviews of shows that I watch. Right now, since it’s summer, White Collar is the only show that I watch that is worth reviewing. (Seriously, do you want reviews of Wipeout, Wipeout Qu├ębec, or Le mur?) Come fall, you can expect reviews of Chuck, Community, Cougar Town, 18 to Life, and anything else that I choose to watch (unless any of those shows start sucking). In general, I’ll try to keep reviews obscenity-free. (There I go, censoring myself, the one thing I promised I wouldn’t do. Looks like my integrity is at an all-time low.)
  • More humorous posts about stupid things, like Old Spice Guy.
  • I’ll be doing a full series Chuck rewatch, probably starting in late August.
  • If I buy a new album, I’ll review it.

That’s all for now. If you’re reading this, then stay tuned. If you’re not reading this, then…well…you’re not reading this.