Music I Liked in 2012


2012 was an odd year for me. The music I liked in 2012 wasn’t necessarily music that was released in 2012. This past year, I dug back into a few artist’s back catalogues and discovered albums that I had missed. So I’m going to divide this entry into two sections: albums from previous years and albums from 2012. More

Fringe Rewatch: S2E21, Northwest Passage

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“Find the crack.”
– inscribed on a pen given to Mathis by Ferguson

The great thing about filming Fringe in and around Vancouver is that when the producers want to set an episode on the upper west coast, they can achieve a level of authenticity that can’t be reached by filming in New York or Hollywood. “Northwest Passage” takes place in an area renowned for its perpetual grey skies, casting a gloomy pall over the episode’s proceedings. More