Bent Rewatch, Episode 6: Tile Date

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Pete: Not bad, huh?
Alex: Kind of perfect.

GivenĀ the previous episode’s cynical take on relationships, one may have the idea that Bent isn’t interested in traditional romance. But Bent actually is. Not in playing it straight, mind you, but in deconstructing and examining it. More

Bent Rewatch, Episode 5: Mom

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“Vanessa’s in town!”
– Alex, to Walt

“Mom” gives Jeffrey Tambor’s Walt a chance to shine by playing opposite his ex-wife Vanessa (Marcia Gay Harden). But it’s also a showcase for David Walton’s Pete, who spends a large portion of this episode wrestling with his inner demons. More

Bent Rewatch, Episode 4: A-Game

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“Oh, look who’s on time. Is the ocean closed?”
– Alex, to Pete

“A-Game” is all about charm. Pete has it. Everyone else doesn’t. More

Bent Rewatch, Episode 3: HD

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“Yeah, I can’t tell where the homeless stops and artist begins.”
– Screwsie, to Walt, in the drum circle

“HD” is about expanding Bent beyond its initial boundaries. It sketches in the details of its secondary characters by giving Walt, Screwsie, and Charlie a plot of their own. More

Bent Rewatch, Episode 2: Smitten

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Pete: Hey, I found this old-school comb under there. Dibs, if that’s cool.
Alex: Anything you find under the house, you can keep.

The purpose of “Smitten,” other than to give us and update on the burgeoning attraction between Pete and Alex, is to contrast their personalities. Pete is the kind of person who would keep something cool he found under a house. Alex would rather not think about what’s under the house at all. More

Bent Rewatch, Episode 1: Pilot

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“She wants to redo the whole kitchen.”
– Pete

What makes a comedy, a comedy? Is it the jokes? The light subject matter? The half-hour running time? More

Bent Rewatch Project


Hello, Internet!

One of the traditions of this blog has been to rewatch a TV series each summer and write commentaries about each episode. I had intended to do Pushing Daisies this summer, but circumstances (i.e. travel, other commitments) got in the way. Now there’s a month left in the summer, and trying to rewatch Pushing Daisies’ 22 episodes would be too ambitious. So instead, I’m going to be doing a much smaller series: NBC’s cancelled-too-soon rom-com, Bent. There are only six episodes, so I should be able to fit it all in. My intention is to post two commentaries each week (time-permitting). If you want to follow along, streaming options for the show are unfortunately quite limited (i.e. non-existent, as far as I can tell), so you’ll have to buy the episodes through a service like iTunes or Amazon Instant Video.

The first commentary should be up early next week, if I remember to do it. (I have a bad memory.)

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