What I’ve Been Reading: May 18, 2014

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You know the drill. Links after the break. More

The 2010 Refrigerator Rants Random Awards

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The last few weeks of December are filled with “best of” lists of everything from fashion to food to news to sports. Rather than merely adding to that jumble, I’ve compiled a list of random awards. (If you want to know what the best TV show of the year was, just ask someone who actually watches Mad Men. That won’t stop me from listing my favourites, though.) Some of these awards are good, some of them are bad, and some are just plain, well, random. The awards mainly deal with television, but some also deal with music, the Internet, print media, and movies. I’ve included runners-up for some of the awards. Read on for the winners, the losers, and the, um, “randomers.” More

Episode Review: Better Off Ted, S2E13, Swag the Dog

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It’s over. The greatest sitcom of all time has come to a close. Nobody watched it, and ABC mistreated it, but Better Off Ted was 26 episodes of pure hilarity. The series finale showed the world why this show should have never been cancelled. More

Episode Review: Better Off Ted, S2E12, It’s My Party And I’ll Lie If I Want To

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Oh, Better Off Ted, how I’ve missed you. And how I loathe ABC for cancelling you. Details on this episode after the jump. More