EP Review: Bloc Party – The Nextwave Sessions

Bloc Party has a problem. It’s a problem that if left unsolved, will prevent them from putting out another great release, and it’s never been more apparent than on the recently-released The Nextwave Sessions, their new EP. The problem is this: Bloc Party is afraid to get messy. Continue reading “EP Review: Bloc Party – The Nextwave Sessions”

Album Review: Bloc Party – Four

Interspersed between the tracks on Bloc Party’s Four are snippets of studio chatter, included with the intention of giving the album a raw, “live” feel. But when contrasted with the album’s slick production, they feel out of place, as if someone forgot to excise them during the editing process, but the band just said “good enough” and left them in. In fact, “good enough” is an apt description for the entire album. Four is certainly an enjoyable listen, but is it excellent? I’m not so sure. Continue reading “Album Review: Bloc Party – Four”

Things I’m Most Looking Forward To In 2012

2012 is in full swing now, and it might be the final year of humanity’s existence! While we count down the days to our certain doom, we still have plenty of stuff to look forward to. Apparently, the people who make music, movies, TV, books, and games haven’t received the memo about the end of the world. That’s all for the best, I suppose. I’m not spending my last year of existence in a panic. No way. I’m going to live it up and enjoy these fine things that 2012 will bring: Continue reading “Things I’m Most Looking Forward To In 2012”

5 Awesome Songs, Vol. 9: Love the Drum Machine

A couple of years ago, I read an article that pissed me off. (Scroll down to the piece entitled “Ghost in the Drum Machine.”) Apparently, drum machines have no soul. Duh. They’re machines, you idiot! As a very belated “fuck you” to John Wood, I’ve compiled this list of 5 awesome songs that use drum machines. Trust me; they’re anything but soulless. Continue reading “5 Awesome Songs, Vol. 9: Love the Drum Machine”