My Ten Favourite TV Shows of 2012


Just like every other blogger on the Internet, I can’t resist making year-end lists. This one is the first of many and is about my favourite television shows of 2012. Some of them were funny. Some were suspenseful. And others were just plain weird. But all of them were awesome, in one way or another. The list is after the jump. More

The 2011-2012 Refrigerator Rants End-of-Season Awards

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The 2011-2012 television season came to a close last week with the end of May sweeps, so now it’s time for me to honour the best of what I watched with my annual fake awards show. The only problem is that it’s proving to be a little more difficult than last year. More

Thoughts on the Chuck Series Finale


Honestly, I don’t know what to write. I’m still trying to absorb it all. It’s over. It really is over. 5 seasons. 91 episodes. Countless Subway footlongs. I’m never to going see Chuck have another flash, Sarah punch another bad guy in the face, or Casey make another grunt, and that makes me sad. But at least Chuck got to go out on its own terms, and that makes me glad.

I was tempted just to write, “Watch the series finale. This love letter to the fans speaks for itself.” But that would be a cop-out. For better or for worse, Chuck has been the show that has defined this blog. I’ve reviewed every episode of seasons 4 and 5 (except this one, of course), it was the subject of my first summer rewatch, and it gets mentioned in almost every third blog post I write. Chuck deserves a real goodbye, and here’s mine: More

Episode Review: Chuck, S5E11, Chuck Versus the Bullet Train

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It’s interesting how sometimes we can jump from the frying pan into the fire. All the concerns I had last week about Sarah having the Intersect in her brain were addressed. But now, I have a whole new set of concerns. I’ll elaborate after the jump. More

Episode Review: Chuck, S5E10, Chuck Versus Bo

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Well, at least “Chuck Versus Bo” wins the record for shortest Chuck episode title.

Like this season’s “Business Trip” (written by Kristin Newman), “Bo” (also written by Kristin Newman) was a lot of fun. And like “Business Trip,” “Bo” might have been undone by its final thirty seconds. I’ll elaborate after the jump. More

Episode Review: Chuck, S5E09, Chuck Versus the Kept Man

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“Kept Man” was an entertaining episode of Chuck. It was also an episode that left me just as concerned about the show’s final stretch as I was last week. More details after the jump. More

Episode Review: Chuck, S5E08, Chuck Versus the Baby

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Last week, I said that if the show went to shit from there, I’d have no problem mentally considering that episode to be an acceptable series finale. After this week’s stinker, I might seriously have to adopt that position. Ranting, complaining, and cursing follow after the jump. More

Episode Review: Chuck, S5E07, Chuck Versus the Santa Suit

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What a difference a week can make. Last week, Chuck delivered one of its worst episodes ever, “Chuck Versus the Curse.” (I’d place it in the bottom 5 episodes of the series, if not the bottom 3.) This week, the show bounced back with a much stronger installment, albeit one that left me feeling apprehensive about where the show goes from here. More

Episode Review: Chuck, S5E06, Chuck Versus the Curse

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I didn’t really like “Chuck Versus the Curse,” and the more I thought about it, the more it bugged me. Having had more than a day to think about it, my opinion of it has dropped considerably. So I’m going to trash this episode. If that scares you, you don’t have to read on. If not, then follow me after the jump. More

Episode Review: Chuck, S5E05, Chuck Versus the Hack Off

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This week’s Chuck demonstrated that there’s a surefire way to surprise your audience: set up a guy as the season’s big bad, then kill him off before you even make it midway through. Now, Decker’s gone, Verbanski’s on the run, and Chuck is fighting off Lord knows what threat from Lord knows whom. We’ll take a closer look after the jump. More

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