Mindless Iconoclasm is a series where I present an unpopular opinion of mine concerning pop culture and attempt to defend it. This time, I take on the rich fame whores of reality TV.

These days, it seems as if you can’t open a magazine or visit an entertainment website without reading about the latest Kardashian drama or Real Housewives scandal. Any time we try to engage with entertainment media, we’re inevitably inundated with images and news of people who are famous seemingly for no reason other than the fact that they’re famous. With so many talented people in the world who are far more deserving of recognition, folks understandably get a little irritated at the veritable fame-whore bonanza to which they’re subjected every time they turn on the TV.

But from the level of vitriol hurled at these fame whores, you’d think that they’d murdered kittens or sold poisoned milk to schoolchildren. The Kardashians and their ilk might be self-centred egomaniacs, but I honestly can’t bring myself to hate them. Here’s why: More