The 10 Best (and 2 Most Disappointing) Video Games of 2016

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In 2016, it felt like my gaming diet returned to normal. Last year, I played smaller titles and indie games almost exclusively. This year, I got back into big-budget gaming, and I think I found a nearly-optimal balance between indie games and AAA behemoths. I enjoyed almost every game I played this year, and there wasn’t a single one I hated. For that reason, I’m not covering the worst titles of the year  (Pony Island and That Dragon, Cancer, if you care, but I wouldn’t consider either to be a bad game). Instead, I’ll be talking about the most disappointing games: the ones with the biggest gap in quality between what could have been and what was.

But let’s save that for later. For now, let’s talk about my top 10 games of the year. (You can find my full ranking here.) More

Some Thoughts on Kentucky Route Zero, Act IV

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This post contains spoilers for Acts I to IV of Kentucky Route Zero. You’ve been warned!

In Kentucky Route Zero’s fourth act, the cast expands to Durarara-like proportions. Some might bemoan this lack of focus, but there’s actually a method to the madness. More

The Ten Biggest Pop Culture Disappointments of 2015

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Warning: This piece discusses abuse and harassment, both verbal and sexual.

It’s time for everyone’s favourite annual tradition: I present to you the ten shittiest pop cultural phenomena and events of 2015! Maybe they weren’t objectively the shittiest in a utilitarian sense, but all of them were notably shitty in ways that make them worthy of inclusion on this list. More

The 10 Best (and 5 Worst) Video Games of 2014


2014 was the year of the failed AAA launch. Many games from major publishers turned out to be abysmally awful, completely unplayable, or totally overhyped on release – DriveClub, Assassin’s Creed: Unity, and Destiny, to name a few. However, there were a number of gems too, and I’m going to list 10 of them. Included among them are a couple of AAA titles, a smattering of indie games, and at least one weird experiment in interactive fiction.

I’m also going to list the 5 worst games of the year, because it’s fun to mock terrible games. More

Some Thoughts on Kentucky Route Zero, Act III


This post contains spoilers for the first three acts of Kentucky Route Zero. You’ve been warned!

Until last year, I had never been inside a small-town bar. All I had was the impression of them in my mind, gleaned over time from books, TV, and movies. I imagined them as warm but dingy, with mismatched furniture in the sitting area and an old jukebox in the corner, fairly empty aside from the crowd of local regulars and one or two visitors. But if I had to point to specific passages or scenes from popular culture that gave me this impression, I wouldn’t be able to. The impression was clear, but the sources were hazy.

Chalk this up to the fickle nature of memory. Impressions are usually better remembered than details. But as Kentucky Route Zero‘s third act points out, the devil is in the details. More

2013 in Video Gaming

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2013 was an interesting year in gaming. It saw the launch of two new consoles – three if you count the Ouya1. More and more independent titles came onto the market, many of them achieving a great deal of both critical and commercial success. There were more options than ever before for gamers, and there was no possible way I could play every single release I wanted to.

But I did manage to play enough games to compile a list of my 10 favourite games of 2013, along with some honourable and dishonourable mentions. Also, since I don’t currently own a console, all games on this list are PC games. Without further ado, let’s dive in. More

Some Thoughts on Kentucky Route Zero, Act II


This post contains spoilers for Acts I and II of Kentucky Route Zero as well as Limits and Demonstrations. You’ve been warned!

Act II of Kentucky Route Zero was finally released yesterday, after considerable delay. I played through it in just over an hour, and now I’d like to share some thoughts about it, after the jump. More

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