My Favourite Albums of 2013


The end of the year is approaching, which means it’s list-making time! Huzzah!

2013 was a great year for music. I listened to a lot albums, and while I didn’t hear any stone-cold classics, I heard a lot of great ones. So many, in fact, that instead of doing a top 5, which I did last year, I’m doing a top 20. More

Album Review: Moving Mountains – Moving Mountains


Moving Mountains sounds like TV music.

That’s not an insult; it’s just an acknowledgement of the fact that more so than their previous two albums, Moving Mountains’ self-titled release sounds like a collection of needle drops for a network drama. It’s difficult to put my finger on exactly why the album sounds this way. Maybe it’s because the guitars lack grit, or maybe it’s because more than ever, Moving Mountains has gone for a wall-of-sound approach. Whatever the case, Moving Mountains is a strange release, a deliberate shift away from the high-energy post-hardcore of Waves to something that can more fittingly be called “post-rock.” Does that shift work? Well…yes, but with a few caveats. More

Music I Liked in 2012


2012 was an odd year for me. The music I liked in 2012 wasn’t necessarily music that was released in 2012. This past year, I dug back into a few artist’s back catalogues and discovered albums that I had missed. So I’m going to divide this entry into two sections: albums from previous years and albums from 2012. More