What I’ve Been Reading: November 17th, 2019

This is a weird What I’ve Been Reading that contains articles I’ve been compiling over the past month, so I don’t exactly remember why I compiled them. Let’s find out together, shall we? Continue reading “What I’ve Been Reading: November 17th, 2019”

What I’ve Been Reading: December 16, 2012

Sorry for not updating the blog this week. Things got a little hectic in real life. I’ll try to get in a couple of updates next week, but I may not be able to post a What I’ve Been Reading entry, since I will be travelling. To a far and distant land. With magic and unicorns.

No unicorns for you this week, but there are catfish, a.k.a. the unicorns of the sea. “Who calls them that?” you ask. Me. And that’s all that matters. Continue reading “What I’ve Been Reading: December 16, 2012”