2013 in Video Gaming

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2013 was an interesting year in gaming. It saw the launch of two new consoles – three if you count the Ouya1. More and more independent titles came onto the market, many of them achieving a great deal of both critical and commercial success. There were more options than ever before for gamers, and there was no possible way I could play every single release I wanted to.

But I did manage to play enough games to compile a list of my 10 favourite games of 2013, along with some honourable and dishonourable mentions. Also, since I don’t currently own a console, all games on this list are PC games. Without further ado, let’s dive in. More

What I’ve Been Reading: June 9, 2013

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Links! Links! Links! It’s What I’ve Been Reading. More

Game Review: Remember Me

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As is the case with all game reviews on this blog, this review will assume that you’ve played the game, i.e. it will contain spoilers for Remember Me. This review also contains some spoilers for the television show Fringe.

Remember Me is a weird game. It’s already an awkward marriage of Uncharted-esque traversal and beat-’em-up/rhythm-game,1 but then it throws in puzzle sequences whose closest cousin is the point-and-click adventure. It’s also a wonky game, with inconsistent voice acting, strange mechanics, a confusing narrative, and a whole bunch of bugs. And you what? I kinda love it. More

What I’ve Been Reading: May 19, 2013

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Today is a brand new day, just like every other day. Yippee! Celebrate by clicking on links to stuff that other people wrote. More

What I’ve Been Reading: March 31, 2013

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Outsider art, female game protagonists, and…earworms? It’s all here in this week’s What I’ve Been Reading. More