Terriers Rewatch, Episode 13: Hail Mary

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“Ah, we’ve been in worse situations. I can’t think of any off the top of my head, but they’re there.”
– Britt, to Hank

The division of a series into a seasonal structure gives television some narrative idiosyncrasies as a medium. Serialized stories build up to finales that put protagonists in seemingly impossible situations, only to let them weasel through some deus ex machina before the credits roll. In a sense, “Hail Mary” suffers from this very problem. When all hope seems to be lost, Hank finds out that he has had access to blackmail material on Tom Cutshaw, the mastermind behind the Ocean Beach airport plan, all along, which he then uses to stop Cutshaw from going through with the plan.

However, to put it like that is to do a disservice to Hank and his journey this season. Hank has had to prove that he has worth as a person, both to himself and to others. He has had to realize that it’s still worth fighting the good fight, even when all hope is lost. More than that, though, he has had to learn that he has to stop trying to find self-worth in fixing things for other people and in making choices for them. That’s why the episode – and season (and series) – ends with Hank giving Britt the option of serving his jail sentence or escaping to Mexico.

Terriers Rewatch, Episode 12: Quid Pro Quo

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“They want to pave over Ocean Beach and put in an airport.”
– Laura Ross

As Terriers hurtles towards its final stretch, Britt’s life is in disarray. Now behind bars for beating up Gavin, he’s about to be bailed out by Ben Zeitlin, setting off a battle between him and temptation. More

Terriers Rewatch, Episode 11: Sins of the Past

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“Sounds like it’s time for you to get a new partner…and a new line of work.”
– Hank, to Britt

At the time he said it, Hank couldn’t have known that that line would apply as much to himself as it did to Britt. He didn’t realize that his alcoholism would cost him both his job and his marriage. But his new ally, Laura Ross, has some information that could help him close the case he was working when he lost his job.

Terriers Rewatch, Episode 10: Asunder

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Britt: I need a drink, more than ever in my life.
Hank: I don’t.

In the previous episode, we saw Hank unravel his own life as well as the lives of those around him. Now, shunned by his ex-wife and banned from her wedding, he doesn’t have much left. But, as luck would have it, a case drops right into his lap.

Terriers Rewatch, Episode 9: Pimp Daddy


“You’re more reckless sober than you were drunk.”
— Gretchen, to Hank

In the previous episode, we saw the good that Hank can do when he looks out for his friends. In this episode, “Pimp Daddy,” we become acutely aware of the harm that he’s capable of causing. More

Terriers Rewatch, Episode 8: Agua Caliente

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“Kid’s lucky to have you.”
— Mark, to Hank

In many ways, “Agua Caliente” seems like an episode of Bizarro Terriers. A large portion of it takes place in Mexico, away from the comfort of Ocean Beach. Hank is paired up with his old partner, Mark. Gretchen is absent from the proceedings, as if Hank’s family life is no longer a concern. But the episode serves to tie up a couple of loose ends as well as to hint at things to come. More

Terriers Rewatch, Episode 7: Missing Persons

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“Mom, you want ice cream?”
— Steph

We’ve known Hank’s sister, Steph, for a few episodes now. We know that she’s blunt, eccentric, and socially awkward, but we’ve also seen the loving relationship that she has with her brother. Surprisingly, though, previous Terriers episodes haven’t gone into detail about what Steph’s “condition” is. We know that’s it’s a psychiatric disorder, based on numerous references to self-harm, but the show hasn’t given us much in the way of detail. “Missing Persons” remedies that by giving us a look inside Steph’s head during one of her psychotic episodes. More

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