The Chicago Code Rewatch, Episode 13: Mike Royko’s Revenge

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“I’ve learned two things about fighting crime in Chicago. One: it’s a marathon, not a sprint, and you’d better be ready to go the distance. And two: go for the head; that’s where the teeth are.”
– Teresa (voiceover)

Over the course of the 12 previous episodes, The Chicago Code has presented a sprawling, tangled version of Chicago with a memorable, diverse cast of characters. But “Mike Royko’s Revenge” brings everything back to the show’s central duo, Teresa and Jarek, and their quests. Teresa’s quest is to finally put Alderman Gibbons behind bars. Jarek’s is to avenge the death of his brother, Vincent. Both quests reach turning points in this episode, but only one succeeds. More


The Chicago Code Rewatch, Episode 12: Greylord & Gambat

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“Evers, you’re driving.”
– Jarek

That’s one sentence I never expected to hear when I was watching The Chicago Code for the first time. I mean, Jarek, letting Boy Wonder drive? Who turned the world upside-down? You know things are about to get tense. More

The Chicago Code Rewatch, Episode 11: Black Sox

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“One thing about a bigot is: if they’re willing to kill one man over his sexuality, then they are certainly willing to kill more.”
– Teresa

It’s sad but true: hate crime is still a thing in this day and age. This particular episode of The Chicago Code centres around the brutal murder of a leader in Chicago’s Boystown neighbourhood. The gay community is up in arms, and now the Chicago PD have a mess on their hands. More

The Chicago Code Rewatch, Episode 10: Bathhouse & Hinky Dink

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“Subtle’s for plastic surgeons and poets.”
– Jarek

Jarek talks a big game. He’s all swagger and bravado on the outside, but he’s really hiding a host of vulnerabilities and insecurities. In “Bathhouse & Hinky Dink,” The Chicago Code makes explicit the main source of these insecurities: Jarek’s brother, Vincent, was killed while working undercover. Now, Jarek is scared to get too close with someone for fear that they’ll leave him or end up dead. More

The Chicago Code Rewatch, Episode 9: St. Valentine’s Day Massacre

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“Doing your job is why they’re taking a vote in the first place. You have made a lot of enemies, Teresa, shaking things up.”
– Jarek

“St. Valentine’s Day Massacre” is a referendum of sorts on the Superintendent of Police, Teresa Colvin. The episode’s literal referendum on her leadership from the police union is perhaps a bit on the nose, but it dovetails nicely with what we’ve been told throughout the series so far: a lot of cops are dissatisfied with Teresa’s leadership. More

The Chicago Code Rewatch, Episode 8: Wild Onions

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“You know what? If I’m revoking sick days and calling off vacations, I’m certainly not going to do it from an air-conditioned office.”
– Teresa

“Wild Onions” is a slow-paced installment of The Chicago Code, evoking the dog days of summer in the way it unfolds. This is not an episode with a great sense of urgency, nor is it one where our heroes are overly concerned with nailing Gibbons to the wall. Their first priority here is dealing with the oppressive Chicago summer heat. The problem is, as is repeated throughout the episode, that the heat makes people go a little crazy. More

The Chicago Code Rewatch, Episode 7: Black Hand and the Shotgun Man

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“You know, this may sound sentimental, but I consider all my constituents family – the ones who voted for me, anyway.”
– Alderman Gibbons

Jarek and Gibbons have very different ideas about what constitutes family. For Jarek, family is the people to whom you’re related by blood. On the other hand, Gibbons sees his entire constituency as one big family. This may seem like empty political posturing on Gibbons’ part, but he sincerely means it. “Black Hand and the Shotgun Man” centres around these diametrically opposed views of family. More

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