The 2010-2011 Refrigerator Rants End-of-Season Awards

With the 2010-2011 television season more or less over and summer TV about to begin or recently having begun, it’s time to take a look back at the best that the past year brought us.

Before we dive in, I have to make one thing clear: I don’t watch most television shows, and I barely watch any cable television. I do watch a lot of television on the whole, but not nearly enough to make a fair assessment of what was truly the “best.” For that reason, the awards will be skewed towards the shows that I watch. So don’t go crying about my failure to include The Good Wife, Mad Men, or Friday Night Lights. I don’t watch those shows. With that mind, let’s get started! Continue reading “The 2010-2011 Refrigerator Rants End-of-Season Awards”

What I’ll Miss About The Event

Last night, the giant, glorious, 22-hour mindfuck that was The Event came to a close in spectacular fashion. The aliens (a.k.a. “1%ers” or “EBEs”) used a portal to bring their planet adjacent to Earth. Thus, The Event came full circle. It started with a plane disappearing through a portal and ending up in a desert in Arizona, and it ended with an entire planet being brought through a portal. Unfortunately, the show has been cancelled, so we won’t get to see what effect this would have had on Earth’s orbit in a hypothetical second season, but I can speculate that it would have involved a lot of plot holes, bad acting, and general stupidity.

But you know what? I loved it all the same. I loved snarking at this train wreck, week after week. I’m really going to miss it. Here’s why: Continue reading “What I’ll Miss About The Event”

The 2010 Refrigerator Rants Random Awards

The last few weeks of December are filled with “best of” lists of everything from fashion to food to news to sports. Rather than merely adding to that jumble, I’ve compiled a list of random awards. (If you want to know what the best TV show of the year was, just ask someone who actually watches Mad Men. That won’t stop me from listing my favourites, though.) Some of these awards are good, some of them are bad, and some are just plain, well, random. The awards mainly deal with television, but some also deal with music, the Internet, print media, and movies. I’ve included runners-up for some of the awards. Read on for the winners, the losers, and the, um, “randomers.” Continue reading “The 2010 Refrigerator Rants Random Awards”

Why The Event Is So Bad That It’s Good

Nine episodes in and for some weird reason, I’m still watching The Event. Maybe it’s because I’m bored, or maybe it’s because it happens to be on after Chuck (which has been pretty dull recently, but that’s a different story). I actually did abandon The Event after the third episode, but I got caught up one day and picked it up again. It’s pretty brainless entertainment, and most of it makes absolutely no sense, but hey, it’s TV, right? Does it even have to make sense? Continue reading “Why The Event Is So Bad That It’s Good”

Episode Review: The Event, S1E01, Pilot

I’m going to keep this one relatively short. The good news: it’s better than the critics say it is. The bad news: it’s not much better.

The plot was kind of disjointed. In fact, there wasn’t much of a plot at all, but it worked to build suspense, which is really all that this kind of show can do. I’m not a fan of the storytelling method that was employed, where the narrative was broken up by constant flashbacks, as it gave me unwelcome memories of a horrible movie called Vantage Point. (If you’ve seen it, then you know what I’m talking about.)

The characters were a mixed bag. Sean (played by Jason Ritter) and Leila (played by Sarah Roemer) were great, and their easy, playful chemistry was a pleasure to watch. Blair Underwood brought suitable gravitas to the role of President Eli Martinez. I have no clue who Simon Lee is supposed to be, but Ian Anthony Dale did a good job of portraying him – whatever that’s supposed to entail. I have a less favourable opinion of Zeljko Ivanek as Blake Sterling; he just seemed wooden. Also, Laura Innes was just plain awful as Sophia, and I fear that if I elaborate about how awful she was, I’ll descend into an invective-fuelled tirade about her lack of acting skill, so I’ll just leave it at that.

Bottom line: The characters seem to be a bit more than cardboard cutouts, and I’m interested enough to watch another episode, just to see if some questions get answered or if some of the unrelated mysteries get tied together. But if the show doesn’t start to do either of those things by the next episode, then I’m out. I suspect that a lot of other viewers feel the same.