The Ten Biggest Pop Culture Disappointments of 2014

Warning: This piece discusses sexual assault, domestic abuse, physical assault, and child abuse. If you don’t want to read about that stuff, then don’t read this piece.

It’s time for Refrigerator Rants’ most-treasured annual tradition! Every year, I take a look back at the pop cultural works, events, or occurrences that disappointed me or large numbers of other people. (I’ve decided that I’m equivalent to large numbers of other people.) This year had no shortage of crappy pop culture. In fact, there was so much garbage this year that the perennial tenth-place finisher, the Academy Awards telecast, got knocked off the list. Congratulations, 2014! You managed to produce at least 10 things that were worse than the Oscars this year. Bravo! Continue reading “The Ten Biggest Pop Culture Disappointments of 2014”

Quick Reactions to the E3 Press Conferences

Ah, E3: that time of year when video game companies sucker gamers in by promising to show them new video game content, but then assault them with a barrage of multimedia flimflam instead. As I watched the live streams of the press conferences from the comfort of my room, a thought went through my head: ‘Video game companies have absolutely no idea how to sell things to people.’ Continue reading “Quick Reactions to the E3 Press Conferences”