Why I’m Enjoying Ben and Kate

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I’m a little bit wary of writing this post. Last time I wrote a piece like this, it was about Up All Night, a show that I gave up on after its first season. Around the middle of that season, it seemed to have figured itself out, but in the second half, it introduced new characters, Yvonne (Eve Best) and Luke (Steven Pasquale), who simply didn’t fit into the show’s world, and Up All Night dove towards mediocrity.

I’d like to think this time is somewhat different, though. For one, Ben and Kate is a much funnier show than Up All Night ever was. Secondly, Ben and Kate is almost certainly going to be cancelled due to low ratings, so there won’t be a second season to demonstrate the monumental stupidity of what happens when a show gets retooled. (Yes, Up All Night is actually going multi-cam. That’s not a joke.) So I feel pretty safe putting my stamp of approval on Ben and Kate, for whatever that’s worth.

So why am I enjoying Ben and Kate? Let’s take a look, shall we? More

The 2011-2012 Refrigerator Rants End-of-Season Awards

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The 2011-2012 television season came to a close last week with the end of May sweeps, so now it’s time for me to honour the best of what I watched with my annual fake awards show. The only problem is that it’s proving to be a little more difficult than last year. More

Why I’m Enjoying Up All Night


I don’t blog about most of the shows that I watch because: A) I don’t always have much to say about them; and B) I have a life outside of blogging. That being said, I do want to write about Up All Night, which has evolved from its shaky beginnings to become what is probably this season’s most solid new comedy. More

Five New TV Characters That Need to Be Killed Off


You know how over time, after watching a character you dislike on a TV show for a while, you start to loathe that character? You start thinking of how much better the show would be if he or she just snuffed it and never came back. You begin to imagine elaborate schemes to get him or her killed, each one wilder and more macabre than the last. (Hopefully, though, you don’t confuse the character with the actor who portrays him or her, because killing actual people isn’t cool. Save your elaborate real-life murder fantasies for the darkest recesses of your mind. Or for playing Grand Theft Auto.)

But sometimes, it only takes a few episodes for that same level of loathing to be achieved. This fall’s new shows boast some of the most boring, irritating, useless, or flat-out despicable characters on television. Read on to find out which ones need to get killed off, pronto. More