Thoughts on NBC’s Midseason Schedule and the Benching of Community

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NBC recently released an outline of its midseason schedule, and it has a notable omission: Community is not on the network’s midseason schedule, being replaced by a returning 30 Rock. Understandably, many fans are disappointed, especially considering that critical punching bag Whitney is being left on the schedule. (Less understandably, some fans are outraged, but I’ll get to that in a minute.) However, I think this is actually a wise business decision for NBC. I’ll explain why after the jump. More


Five New TV Characters That Need to Be Killed Off


You know how over time, after watching a character you dislike on a TV show for a while, you start to loathe that character? You start thinking of how much better the show would be if he or she just snuffed it and never came back. You begin to imagine elaborate schemes to get him or her killed, each one wilder and more macabre than the last. (Hopefully, though, you don’t confuse the character with the actor who portrays him or her, because killing actual people isn’t cool. Save your elaborate real-life murder fantasies for the darkest recesses of your mind. Or for playing Grand Theft Auto.)

But sometimes, it only takes a few episodes for that same level of loathing to be achieved. This fall’s new shows boast some of the most boring, irritating, useless, or flat-out despicable characters on television. Read on to find out which ones need to get killed off, pronto. More