What I’ve Been Reading: October 27, 2013

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I’m busy this weekend, so this What I’ve Been Reading is going to be short and sweet. More


What I’ve Been Reading: September 8, 2013

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Now that I’ve gotten your attention, I’m not actually a parabola, but I do have some links for you. More

What I’ve Been Reading: December 2, 2012

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Lots of links for you this week. Also, tater tots.

(Warning: there may not actually be any tater tots.) More

What I’ve Been Reading: June 10, 2012


Alright, boys and girls. With E3 just behind us, it’s time for a special, E3-centric edition of What I’ve Been Reading. Game demos not included. More

Quick Reactions to the E3 Press Conferences


Ah, E3: that time of year when video game companies sucker gamers in by promising to show them new video game content, but then assault them with a barrage of multimedia flimflam instead. As I watched the live streams of the press conferences from the comfort of my room, a thought went through my head: ‘Video game companies have absolutely no idea how to sell things to people.’ More