The 2010 Refrigerator Rants Random Awards

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The last few weeks of December are filled with “best of” lists of everything from fashion to food to news to sports. Rather than merely adding to that jumble, I’ve compiled a list of random awards. (If you want to know what the best TV show of the year was, just ask someone who actually watches Mad Men. That won’t stop me from listing my favourites, though.) Some of these awards are good, some of them are bad, and some are just plain, well, random. The awards mainly deal with television, but some also deal with music, the Internet, print media, and movies. I’ve included runners-up for some of the awards. Read on for the winners, the losers, and the, um, “randomers.” More

It’s Funny When People Fall


I’m a typical male. I’m easily amused by things that explode, things that wear bikinis, or things that look edible. I’m not much more intelligent than a dude in a beer commercial. That’s reflected in my summer television choices. I find it funny when people fall. That’s why I watch Wipeout.


Upcoming Stuff

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This blog arose out of boredom. Since my episodes of boredom are relatively long, I have plans for a lot of upcoming posts:

  • I’ll continue to post 5 Awesome Songs every now and then. That will probably happen more than once a week.
  • I’ll post episode reviews of shows that I watch. Right now, since it’s summer, White Collar is the only show that I watch that is worth reviewing. (Seriously, do you want reviews of Wipeout, Wipeout Qu├ębec, or Le mur?) Come fall, you can expect reviews of Chuck, Community, Cougar Town, 18 to Life, and anything else that I choose to watch (unless any of those shows start sucking). In general, I’ll try to keep reviews obscenity-free. (There I go, censoring myself, the one thing I promised I wouldn’t do. Looks like my integrity is at an all-time low.)
  • More humorous posts about stupid things, like Old Spice Guy.
  • I’ll be doing a full series Chuck rewatch, probably starting in late August.
  • If I buy a new album, I’ll review it.

That’s all for now. If you’re reading this, then stay tuned. If you’re not reading this, then…well…you’re not reading this.